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Dental crowns will restore your teeth, smile and confidence.

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How a single dental crown can transform your life

A broken, chipped or damaged tooth can stop you from being you. Smiling sincerely, laughing wholeheartedly, and putting your best self out there can be halted by self-consciousness of an unattractive tooth. Similarly, a tooth that has experienced trauma or decay should be strengthened, or you run the risk of extraction.

At Illumident Mount Gambier our dental crowns look just like your natural tooth whilst protecting it from further damage, and our payment plans protect your budgeting and cashflow.

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Step-by-step for tooth restoration – our dental crown procedure

Step 1

To place your ceramic dental crown we’ll first take x-rays of the damaged tooth.

Step 2

Then, following local anaesthetic and ever so gently we will trim down the tooth to prepare it for its new dental crown, which will sit over the top of your existing tooth. We will then take an impression of this newly shaped tooth and send it to our specialist ceramicist who will hand-craft your customised dental crown. In the interim we will fit you with a temporary crown, to ensure your tooth is protected from further damage and is cosmetically pleasing.

Step 3

In approximately two weeks your new ceramic dental crown will be ready to be permanently affixed to your tooth.You’ll leave with a beautiful looking tooth that matches your smile and is ready to be used and will function just like a normal tooth.


Dental crown cost, from $2,190

DentiCare allows you to spread out the cost of your dental treatment into comfortable, interest-free payments. Plans range from $250 to $12,000. You can decide on your payment plan details, including the deposit, and how much and how often (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) you pay.
Smile now, pay later. TLC (stands for Total Life Credit) lets you borrow up to $50,000 to get those pearly whites you’ve always wanted. The process is quick and stress-free. Once your application is approved, funds are paid directly to your bank account. Easy!
With Afterpay you’ll never pay interest and there are no additional fees when you pay on time. Afterpay also offers smart spend limits to ensure you never bite off more than you can chew.


your way

With our easy finance options, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted and pay for it at a pace that’s convenient for you.
All major health funds accepted and on-the-spot rebates available.
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Save your natural tooth and strengthen your smile with a dental crown

Keeping teeth where they belong
Retaining your own tooth is always preferable to extraction and a dental implant, particularly for gum, jaw and bone health.
Gentle, caring touch
We pride ourselves on making every treatment comfortable and akin to self-care.
Minimal change, stunning smiles
Your ceramic dental crown will look, feel and act just like a natural tooth.

Switch on your brightest smile yet at Illumident

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Your dental crowns and bridges questions, answered

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a ceramic covering placed over a damaged tooth to ensure functionality again, protect the tooth from further decay, and will present like a natural tooth.

What is a dental crown bridge?

This is a dental procedure where adjacent teeth of a missing or soon-to-be-missing tooth are trimmed back and receive dental crowns, to support a middle prosthetic tooth.

What are the types of dental crowns and cost?

We use ceramic dental crowns and the cost for a dental crown at Illumident starts from $2,190 Very rarely other dentists may use gold crowns – however these are more expensive.

Why would someone need a dental crown?

If your tooth has been chipped, weakened or broken, you might need a dental crown. Similarly, if a tooth cavity is too significant from decay or if you’ve had root canal therapy, a dental crown might be prescribed as the final stage of the treatment.

What are the disadvantages of dental crowns?

Dental crowns can cause hot/cold tooth sensitivity of the crowned tooth, and very few people have reported an allergic reaction to their dental crown. If you experience any of these please get in touch. Similarly, if you’re experiencing bleeding gums – gum disease, chipped or a dislodged crown – please book an appointment immediately.

Lastly, the cost of dental crowns could be considered a disadvantage, however this can be managed with our finance options.

Our dental crowns will be placed gently, and your smile will be completely restored.


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