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A toothache, a broken filling, uncomfortable swelling – these always happen at the most inconvenient of times, and equally – cannot be ignored. The same applies to a chipped or a cracked tooth, or abscess – and, finding an emergency dentist when you’re dealing with pain or discomfort can be challenging. At Illumident Mount Gambier we schedule emergency dental care slots into our daily calendars, so we can see patients when they need urgent dental care, and their pain to stop.

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How we provide emergency dental care

Step 1

Call us on (08) 8275 2441, or have someone call us your behalf, and describe your dental emergency.

Step 2

We will swiftly see you during one of our dedicated emergency slots, and treat your pain and the presenting issue, comprehensively.

Step 3

You will leave feeling much more comfortable, with the issue resolved, or managed, with a future treatment plan.


Emergency treatment appointment cost, from $195

DentiCare allows you to spread out the cost of your dental treatment into comfortable, interest-free payments. Plans range from $250 to $12,000. You can decide on your payment plan details, including the deposit, and how much and how often (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) you pay.
Smile now, pay later. TLC (stands for Total Life Credit) lets you borrow up to $50,000 to get those pearly whites you’ve always wanted. The process is quick and stress-free. Once your application is approved, funds are paid directly to your bank account. Easy!
With Afterpay you’ll never pay interest and there are no additional fees when you pay on time. Afterpay also offers smart spend limits to ensure you never bite off more than you can chew.


your way

With our easy finance options, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted and pay for it at a pace that’s convenient for you.
All major health funds accepted and on-the-spot rebates available.
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Your emergency dental care questions, answered

Q: What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is when urgent dental care is required due an accident or incident affecting your oral health. This can include a broken or chipped tooth or filling, a dislodged tooth, toothache, swelling, bleeding and signs of a new infection such as abscess.

Q: Can you get emergency dental treatment at a hospital?

It will depend on the hospital, however if you are experiencing any of the above oral health concerns, you will be triaged and will likely experience a significant wait.

Q: Does emergency dental cost more?

Emergency dental appointment prices start at ENTER here, and are determined by the dental treatment required. As with all of our treatments, we offer finance options.

Q: Is a broken tooth a dental emergency?

Yes. If you have a broken, chipped or knocked out tooth, you should see a dentist immediately. If your tooth is knocked out – clean it with milk or contact lens saline solution, and position it back in your mouth, holding only the tip of the tooth, not the root. Hold it in place with a warm, clean compress, and book an emergency dental appointment.

Q: When should I go straight to the hospital for a dental emergency?

If you are having any difficulty breathing or swallowing, if you have chills or fever, if the area does not stop bleeding, if you are in intolerable pain, or if the accident saw your jaw impacted or hit, please go to the hospital immediately.

We will relieve your pain and address your emergency dental concern promptly and comfortably.

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