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Treat your teeth to a gentle check-up and clean
with a Smile Wellness visit

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Nothing beats that fresh, dentist clean feeling

We know that a dental check-up and clean isn’t always easy to fit into your busy schedule — and often it’s the last thing you want to do with your time.

But with our Smile Wellness visit, we’ve created a comfortable and relaxing experience that will make you look forward to your dental check-ups (yes, really!) Plus, who doesn’t love that just-polished feeling after a professional teeth clean?

Step-by-step to a dental check-up and clean for bright, healthy smiles

Step 1

We begin with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to ensure your oral health is in top shape. Digital x-rays may also be taken.

Step 2

Next, we gently scale and clean your teeth before polishing them to perfection. If needed, we’ll finish up with a fluoride treatment to keep your smile strong.

Step 3

All done! Enjoy your fresh, healthy smile — but remember to wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking if you’ve had fluoride treatment.


Dental check-up cost, from $300

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your way

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All major health funds accepted and on-the-spot rebates available.
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Experience a dental check-up that’s anything but dull

Let your dental fears disappear
Plush surrounds, gentle hands and soft Airflow cleaning create your most relaxing dental check-up yet
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Come one, come all — we believe everybody deserves a gorgeous, healthy grin
Take your smile to the next level
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Your dental check-up questions, answered

Q: How long does a Smile Wellness visit (aka check-up and clean) take?

A: Our Smile Wellness visit (aka dental check-up and clean) usually takes around 60 minutes to allow plenty of time for a thorough examination and gentle cleaning. We’ll never rush you in and out, but we always respect your time too.

Q: Do you do children’s dental check-up and clean appointments?

A: Yes, absolutely! Little smiles are in safe hands at Illumident. We have a dedicated Oral Health Therapist who specialises in children’s dentistry and knows exactly how to turn dentist visits into a positive and enjoyable experience for little and big kids alike.

We also participate in the Children’s Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), meaning there are no out-of-pocket costs for eligible families.

Q: What happens during a dental check-up and clean?

A: Welcome to your Smile Wellness visit! All you need to do is sit back in our comfy chair and relax while we get to work.

First, we do a thorough examination of your oral health where we look at your teeth and gums, as well as your bite (i.e. how your teeth come together). If required, we may also take digital x-rays so we can see what’s going on under the surface of your gums.

Next, we gently scale and clean your teeth using our comfortable Airflow cleaning system. If needed, we may also pop on a fluoride treatment to strengthen your tooth enamel and provide added protection.

And that’s it! Walk out with a sparkling, healthy smile. If you had fluoride treatment, remember to wait at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking.

If it’s your first visit with us, you’ll be booked in with a dentist for both your oral examination and professional scale and clean. If you’ve been with us before, your dentist will do your examination and one of our lovely dental hygienists will complete your scale and clean.

Q: How often should I have a dental check-up?

A: It is recommended that you visit your dentist for a regular check-up and clean every 6 to 12 months. But every smile is unique and your personal needs may differ. Your dentist will advise how often you should get a check-up based on your oral health and medical history.

Regular dental check-ups not only keep your oral health in top condition, but they also help to pick up any small issues early and prevent major (and often more costly) dental work in future.

Bright, healthy smiles begin with a dental check-up and clean

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