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The importance of dental cleaning and how gentle airflow technology ensures your comfort

October 20, 2023

Illumident Patient

Dr Isabel Holmes

Principal Dentist

A dental check up and clean (we call it a Smile Wellness appointment here) using ems airflow technology is a powerful and comfortable way to protect your teeth and your body from disease. In fact, this year’s Dental Health Week was precisely about that - i.e the relationship between oral health and overall health, with research links being made between severe gum disease and cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, right through to new findings suggesting (early) links with Alzheimer’s. 

Identifying (and treating) issues with your teeth and gums early is key to preventing tooth decay and larger painful issues (and expensive dental treatment costs) later on. Put simply: a dental checkup and clean cost is always more affordable than a disease treatment / cure cost.

A check up and dentist clean - what’s involved

Professional dental cleaning appointments - which typically take an indulgent one hour at our plush and inviting Limestone Coast practice (we’re at 29 Ferrers St, Mount Gambier) - begin with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums and your bite (i.e. how your teeth come together). So that our dentist can see beneath the surface of your gums and your gum line, we might also take digital x-rays. What then follows is a dental scale and clean done differently, to remove plaque and tartar, with EMS airflow technology. 

Dr Isabel discuss dental x-rays with patient at Illumident Mount Gambier.
Professional dental cleaning appointments begin with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums and your bite (i.e. how your teeth come together).

Airflow dental cleaning

No pain, no scraping, no prodding - rather; just air, water and polish are used in combination (as you relax) during an EMS airflow dental clean - technology renowned and used for its gentleness (thus ideal for everyone - especially children) and efficacy. This process will be followed by a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth enamel - leaving you with that ‘professionally cleaned’ feeling and (thanks to the pleasant air flow cleaning) positive and warm memories of your dentist clean!

Dental deep cleaning that’s comfortable?

Yes please! Make your dental check up and clean appointment now for great oral and overall health, and an enjoyable experience.

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Children need professional teeth cleaning too

Brushing and flossing isn’t enough to prevent tooth decay unfortunately, so even if your child is a little nervous about visiting, it’s very important to book and keep their (and your) six-monthly dental check up and clean appointments.

Oral Health Therapist shows a child how to clean their teeth
Our dedicated Oral Health Therapist, who specialises in children’s dentistry, will make their experience warm and positive.

Our dedicated Oral Health Therapist, who specialises in children’s dentistry, will make their experience warm and positive, and using the air flow dental cleaning technology - the visit will be comfortable and relaxing for them too!

And, as part of our commitment to ensuring all of our clients’ oral (and overall health) we proudly participate in the the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, which can cover the dental check up and clean cost for eligible children.

“Can I get dental cleaning while pregnant?”

And “Are dental cleanings really necessary while I'm pregnant?” are two of the most frequently asked questions we receive, and the answer is a resounding YES to both. Pregnancy gingivitis is a common occurrence mainly due to hormone changes and changes in a patient’s diet and saliva, pregnancy-symptoms and a teeth-brushing aversion, resulting in bleeding and sore gums. A dental check up and clean, especially using our soft ems airflow technology will help relieve pregnancy gingivitis, and providing you maintain your brushing and flossing routines afterwards, will reduce the likelihood of it turning into gum disease.

There you have it - we hope we’ve allayed any fears you might have about dental cleaning and the process involved, and, that you understand the importance of oral health relative to your overall health. At Illumident dentists in mount gambier we are committed to ensuring clean teeth, healthy gums and beautiful smiles all around Mt Gambier.

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